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ECSOFT – A powerful Point of Sale (POS) system for small and middle sized, quick service and casual restaurants.

Touch Screen POS system for restaurants.
Designed for touch screen monitors or tablet screens.
User-friendly, easy to use.
Very flexible. Configurable for any type of restaurant operations.
Product pictures can be inserted on menu buttons.
Button colors, texts and display orders are customizable.

Different types of departments configurable like Fast Food, A-la-Carte. Fast switching between departments is possible.

For example, you can mainly use Fast Food screen and when needed you can instantly switch to table seating view and enter tickets for A-la-Carte section.

Possibility of designing different menus for different departments.
Ticket printer templates support bold, large font settings on text mode printing and you can add your logo to bills.
Configure menus, menu item options and different prices for different options.

ECSOFT takes care of complete Food and Beverage Control from cost of ingredients to total consumption.

It fully integrates with Ingredient Management and Point of Sale System; thus generating seamless flow of data for accurate controls.

Maintain the full recipe of each and every dish on your menus.
Give actual and standard cost of ingredients while entering recipes and get the recipe cost.
What if analysis on recipe costing.
Keep track other Food and Beverage consumption.
Integrates with Inventory Management Systems for item cost.
Integrates with Ingredient Management, for consumption of recipe.

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